Visitors rules at «Playday» center

Before leaving your child in the entertainment center “Playday”, please, read yourself and inform your child about the rules in our center.

For parents:

  1. Register your child at administrator’s desk.
  2. Before leaving your kid at pplay area, make sure he/she does not need to go to the toilet
  3. Inform our personnel regarding the fears you child has or other concerns.
  4. It is prohibited to be in outdoor clothes in the center. Please, leave your coat and shoes in our dressing room.
  5. Personnel is not responsible for your belongings left in the dressing room.
  6. It is not allowed for kids to be at play area without socks.
  7. It is allowed to drink and eat only in specially equipped areas.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol in our center and be drunk.
  9. The baby carriages should be left at the dressing room.
  10. In our center it is not allowed to use bad words, fight with each other, break toys and furniture. For destroyed equipment and toys, personnel is allowed to ask for compensation.
  11. Our center is not responsible for lost and stolen belongings.
  12. “Playday”center is not responsible for possible accidents, unless they were caused by faulty equipment.
  13. On the slides it is not allowed to
    – Stand
    – Slide on the stomach
    – Jump down from the edge
    – Climb up
  14. Less than 3-year-old kids are allowed to be on the play areas only accompanied with the adults
  15. Being in the play area, kids are not allowed to:
    – Eat
    – Drink
    – Chew gums
    – Wear jewelries and other things that might be dangerous to kids
    – Climbing on the protection nets of the play area

If the visitor is not obeying the rules of the center, disturbs other visitors, behaves aggressively or is causing danger to kids, personnel or other visitors, then, personnel has a right to ask him/her to leave the center and prohibit visiting it.